Innovators of Global Draft Beer Dispensing AreasThe global beer
Innovators of Global Draft Beer Dispensing Areas
A miracle team with passion, dedication and innovation!
For the same goal, constantly surpassing myself, to create a miracle!
China, US, Russia
Platform-based team created innovation
Talos believes that permanent innovative team is the source of enterprise development, in China innovation driving transformation and upgrading, under the era of entrepreneurial opportunities, Talos actively push maker culture, to play the international market insight of the US, Russia branch, global maker organizations, domestic famous universities, brand strategy consulting, corporate management consulting, intellectual property consultancy established a project partner type cooperation mechanism , to provide continuous innovation of brand, product, organization, channels and precise innovation with Wisdom guarantee.
18 years of stick

Stable Team to Ensure Quality

Talos was originally able to grow, thanks to the requirements of high quality.
18 years of stick, subtly form the spirit of the craftsmen of Talos people. Accompanied by more than 10 years old staff,respectively highlight the value of the spiritual leader in each link,
Talos believes that the attitude affects the quality. Under the support of the humanistic spirit,
constantly update automation equipment and high quality spare parts supply chain,
The quality management of Talos keeps continuous progress.

Behind each number is countless hard crystallization of Talos people, it proves that we strived to do everything in the past time,
Of course, such efforts must be continued, waiting for you to explore.
From 1997 to today Talos won
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