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Talos has frequent news of success, and it wins Carnival with 4:0
Date:2016-04-26      Compiler:TALOS      Hits:937

  Talos football team set up by Talos Holdings has continuously introduced excellent players. Last September, Talos frequently presented in various football matches, and gained fruitful results through hardship training.


  The young player Wang Zhe is the first foreign aid player introduced by Talos, as a player with many years of experience playing in China's top league campaign, Wang Zhe once played for Class A Shenyang Haishi FC, responsible for halfback position of football team. Since the join of Wang Zhe, the overall team level of Talos has been significantly improved, in the Yuhuan Football League last year, Talos succeeded all the way through and gained fruitful results. In Futsal League, Wangzhe has helped Talos to be the second of the super teams. In last year's Shark Cup, Wang Zhe won a second runner-up for Talos.


  As a team with frequent news of success, Talos introduced experienced goalkeeper player Zheng Dayong from Lantau club earlier this year. The join of the veteran Zheng Dayong once played for the youth team of Liaoning Hongyun, making the team defense to be more solid. In April this year, the team went to Jiaojiang to fight against Taizhou Carnival team, through the two contests, and Talos finally won the rivals with the score of 4:0.


  The Taizhou Carnival contestants were: No. 32 Wang Zhe, No.52 Zhang Chengliang, No. 30 Yang Chunjian, No. 17 Liu Yong, No. 7 Li Jinbo, No. 18 Shi Zheng, No. 23 Jiang Junwei, No. 8 Yan Bin, No.10 Chen Peng, No. 26 Zhao Hui, No. 99 Ye Nan, No. 3 Wang Huaxin, No.9 Yang Qiman, No.13 Shi Zhan, No.20 Fang Yi, No. 11 Willy Rumba, No. 12 Kong Xifa, No. 1 Zheng Dayong, No. 14 Wu Yonghua.


  It’s reported that Talos team will plan to introduce a high-level player again this year to prepare for Taizhou municipal events, we hope to present more exciting for you.